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Correct Club length allows you and your instructor to create the proper posture during the set-up and allows you to keep that posture throughout the swing.

If your clubs are too long or too short you cannot create a consistent swing no matter how much you practice. Proper Club length is critical to success in golf.

Grip & Grip Size

The grip is the only part of the club you touch, and it is central to all control. If your grips are too small or too big, your hands will slip or “regrip” at some point during your swing. You will also create tension and stress in your forearms, further robbing you of distance and directional control. Properly sized grips reduce bad swing thoughts leading to better focus.

Not only should grips fit your hands, they should have a feel or texture you love. Rough or smooth, rubber or leather, the fitter will help you select a grip you like.

How many different grips do you have on your clubs? Many golfers have as many as four different grips in their bag! Golf is a game of consistency, and asking your brain to interact with many different grips is simply more difficult. Give your body and mind a break by eliminating this unnecessary distraction.

Loft & Lie Angles

Having the proper amount of loft in your clubs allows you to get the proper amount of distance from each club. If you hit the ball too low, chances are you need more loft. Conversely, if you hit the ball too high and it balloons into the wind, chances are you have too much loft. This is easily correctable.

Lie angle controls the direction of the golf ball. Properly fit clubs create lie angles that allow you to hit the ball straighter. If you are hitting the ball fat and to the left, chances are your clubs are too upright for you. On the other hand, if you are hitting the ball thin and off the toe of the club, then your clubs are too flat.

Correcting your lie angles is relatively simple, but requires the eye of an experienced fitter to properly determine the best angle for you.

Shaft Flex

Shaft flex is another aspect of club control which is often overlooked or improperly selected. I am surprised by how many golfers have the wrong shafts for their natural swing.

If your clubs are too weak odds are you strike the ball with little consistency. One time your shot is 20 yards to the left and the next shot will go 20 yards to the right. What is frustrating is that you may have virtually the same swing on both shots. On the other hand, you may hit your clubs straight as an arrow a majority of the time, but feel that you don’t get the distance you should be getting. This is a sign that your shafts are too stiff for you.

Again, an experienced fitter will test you with a number of different shaft flexes and find out which is most consistent for your game.

Checking Your Clubs

Once you get fit for new clubs and order them from the manufacturer the fitter must inspect and measure them upon arrival. My experience is that half of all clubs are not delivered to the fitter’s specifications. One cannot just take the manufacturer’s word for the fit as there are many different variables between club components that get out of tolerance club to club. I will inspect each club, make adjustments and then meet with you to swing the clubs again.

The Tour Player and You…

There’s an important lesson to learn from the tour player. They have learned what works and what does not work for them, and Tour Pros get checked and measured regularly so they don’t have to worry about equipment issues. 

Most of us don’t have the skills of a tour player, but we have the opportunity to play with proper equipment just the same. Proper fitting really makes a difference, so get fit today and find out how good you really can be!



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