The Southern Land Difference

The Southern Land Difference

Westhaven Golf Club was designed and created by the award-winning developer of the Westhaven community, Southern Land Company. The championship course and impressive club facilities are among the company’s hallmark creations, which include market-leading projects in more than 15 locations across the United States, including Charleston, Nashville, Dallas, Denver, New York, and Philadelphia.

From its inspiring initial designs to the careful daily stewardship of facilities and services, the company has maintained a steadfast commitment to providing a supremely rewarding club experience for members. That’s the Southern Land difference you can count on.

Developer Accordion


The golf course at Westhaven Golf Club was meticulously planned by Southern Land Company to compliment the natural landscapes and vistas of Williamson County, and to embrace the sport’s rich traditions of style, decorum and sense of place. Southern Land’s attention to detail from the earliest stages has been critical in the course’s maturity and overall membership experience.


Southern Land sought a balance between a challenging golf course and a sanctuary for members. Walking the course, players will take in vistas that are both subtle and stunning; a seamless orchestration between the natural and manicured environment.


Even the “hazards” on the Westhaven course have been scrutinized for their aesthetics. If you have to lose a stroke, the designers at Southern Land thought a pristine setting might be a fair concession.


Wherever possible, Southern Land maintained as many of the natural tree lines as possible. As you can see in this image, the fairway concedes to the natural tree clusters and contours rather than forcing its way to the green.


Southern Land’s investment in the Westhaven Golf Club took in every angle and every perspective. Much like the Westhaven neighborhood, their team spared no expense to ensure that both form and function adhered to the highest possible level of quality and sustainability.


This image shows the true seclusive, private nature of the Westhaven course. Here, players are allowed to focus entirely on the game of golf in a serene setting that fully embraces the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee.


Here we see the immediate proximity of the Golf Club to the neighborhood. Southern Land made the investment in the golf club as a premium amenity for residents who valued a superior golf and club experience. And over time, the club itself has become an important element of the social aspects of the community.